What we do

At Nomad Atomics, we develop innovative quantum sensors to solve outstanding problems in mining, underground resources and navigation

End user designed solutions

Nomad Atomics specialises in the development of high precision quantum sensors. By exploiting the natural properties of atoms and their interaction with light, we produce state-of-the-art sensors for the measurement of gravity, accelerations, magnetics, and time.

Industry driven results

Finding the unfound

We’ve always searched our planet for resources, be it water or precious minerals. Untold value is buried deep within the earth, often obscured by cover or too difficult to detect. As the world moves forward, these resources become harder to find. Quantum sensors allow you to map the underground world with never before seen accuracy to identify new possibilities.

Measuring the changing world

How do you monitor what you cannot see? The underground world can be a dynamic place. Monitoring the way this world changes can provide untold insight and value. Quantum sensors can provide a tool to monitor these small changes, unlocking a world of possibilities.


The world is becoming ever more driven by data. While software solutions can improve the utility of existing data to a degree, real transformational change occurs when the underlying hardware producing the data improves.

Our sensors demonstrate this step change in data quality, providing world-leading accuracy and inherent stability. These sensors can be miniaturised and ruggedised, enhancing existing capabilities while paving the way for new opportunies in many sectors.

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