What we build

At Nomad Atomics, we build state-of-the-art miniaturised quantum sensors specifically designed and hardened for deployment in field applications.

Our quantum sensors

We specialise in a suite of quantum sensors, from magnetometers to gravimeters to clocks. We believe these sensors should no longer be confined to a laboratory, belonging out in the world where their value can be realised.




Compact cold-atom gravimeters specifically developed to optimise performance for a given application.



High sensitivity, accuracy, and zero drift for reliable measurements in both stationary and mobile applications.



Robust instruments that have been tested under a wide range of extreme environmental conditions to ensure maximum performance.

How it works

Classical sensors rely on mechanical systems to measure the world. These mechanical devices are inherently coupled to their environment, meaning changes in the environment such as temperature or the age of the device will change the properties of the sensor and lead to instabilities. Quantum sensors can eliminate this device instability by relating all measurements to fundamentally unchanging properties of atoms.

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